Ben Ford

Function Over Color

Note: I previously published this post during iOS7 beta and decided to pull and republish it once iOS7 was released. This post is a “coming to terms” of the radical color changes and flat design—which I originally didn’t like.

Judging iOS 7 by looks alone will lead to shallow conclusions. Both the color scheme and icon design are only skin deep—a superficial detail in the massive overhaul of the entire OS. The color isn’t what matters. What stands out in iOS 7 is how fluid things move; It feels very tangible and enjoyable to use.

The icons and adorments take advantage of the retina display, and the UI is full of sharp single pixel details. This detail is surrounded by carefully placed negative space, which makes it easy for apps to prioritize the content over the UI. It’s a fantastic experience. Many UI elements exhibit a lot more depth than any two-deminsional screenshot could portray. This includes parrallax and 3D effects which give depth and great variety to the flat UI.

The color palette is certainly unconventional, but this doesn’t affect they way it works or the way it feels. Color is a trend and will soon change. Everything else—the good parts—are here to stay.