Ben Ford

Picking Your Core Competency

About a year ago I set a firm goal that I wanted to create an iphone game. But I wanted to design and create a game worthy of being featured on Apple’s AppStore.

Joel Spolsky wrote a great blog post back in 2001 where he said: “If it’s a core business function—do it yourself, no matter what.” So this meant I’m going to need to take on some form of visual design.

I started with the fundamentals. Learning the tools was the easy part, but getting results I was happy with has been insanely difficult. It hasn’t been impossible though, and I’ve finally reached a phase I can start creating passable game art.

My core competency had to grow to fit my entrepreneurial goals.

I’ve slowly been abandoning web development and focusing on iOS development and visual design. It’s a relief when to let go of things that have been holding me back.